Culture, Mission and Vision

Ideas are worth very little without a culture to guide the selection of talent and a big, bold vision to attract and unify the team. Human capital is what separates great from good companies – which is why establishing a strong culture to attract and retain the right people, while unifying them behind an inspiring vision and mission is essential to any significant venture.

This presentation offers insight into approaches entrepreneurs should consider when developing their venture’s mission and vision – while ensuring they can execute on both – all critical areas of focus when striving to build an enduring company.

Further, the content drills into how to establish a culture that will inspire your team to support your vision and mission. Culture development, in particular, is a complex topic and is one that should be taken seriously, as it plays a critical role in any venture’s success.

Also included is a case example from Salsify, featuring insight from co-founders Jason Purcell, Jeremy Redburn and Rob Gonzalez. Each share details on their experiences related to culture, vision and mission creation in a reall world fast growing startup.