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We are specifically looking for suggestions for the evolving curriculum for Startup Secrets. If you have a need as an entrepreneur or innovator that you believe would be valuable to develop materials to share with others in the startup world, please feel free to suggest it as a future topic for a workshop or case study by leaving a note below.

We are big believers in Open Source, Community and other innovative approaches to development. Accordingly this site is also being CoCreated by many people contributing. If you’d like to contribute content such as case examples, feel free to suggest what you’d like to contribute below.

With thanks for your encouragement!

  • This is so great! Pure ecstasy for any entrepreneur.
    Daniel D.
  • Concepts like MVS, pain/gain ratio and 4U Need are pure gold
    Daniel H.
  • I have been watching your video on business models and it is amazing. Thank you! You clearly have a wealth of knowledge and experience which has made me question my approach and think bigger picture about my core value and longer term objective.
  • Thanks for the amazing lessons on Harvard i-lab’s YouTube! I found them very enriching and truly inspiring.
  • I’ve been actively looking for something like this for a long time and nothing and this really seems miles apart from the rest, such good quality advice and structure. So many thanks for sharing all of your experiences
    Daniel R.
  • I am an avid admirer of your work with Harvard. What I love most about your program is the clarity of thought that you bring to the workshops.
  • I saw your Youtube video on Value Proposition (thought provoking) and realized that we are missing some vital thought-processes in our current startup.
  • I cannot express how thankful I am really! My business is transforming and the big players are chasing after me. All thanks to listening to your lectures over hundreds of hours on Youtube and applying them. I was able to test and flip things where they didn’t work; tried new ways and I saw traction. Still growing though, but that the big players are requesting information from me means something special to me. I have been able to differentiate my company from others and strategies and tactics taught are now being applied on a daily basis.
  • Thanks for all your teachings, they have been the single biggest contributor to company revenue…
  • Having watched your Harvard I-Labs videos, we have managed to gain great insights into starting our own business. The lectures were inspirational and reflect great integrity, knowledge and experience.
  • Thank you for all of the resources you have put in place for aspiring entrepreneurs such as myself. Two years ago I was commuting to a job that, although providing for my family, was merely passing the time. I had always aspired to start my own business, but it wasn’t until I came across your Startup Secrets videos that I felt empowered to take action. I cant wait to show you what you have inspired us to be capable of.
  • (Startup Secrets) has helped turn an 18 month long engagement with this brand into a contract that landed in my inbox last Monday and represents the initial phase of a full UK rollout for our technology with interest globally.
    AJ Toor (gappt)
  • LOVE the program you have built… highly recommend this to new and serial entrepreneurs.
  • I learned more in thirty minutes than I did in months of isolated research! Your feedback helped me find some solid ground in key areas, and it also catalyzed/prioritized some crucial downstream decisions. Thank you.
  • After listening to your lectures, I have refocused, refined and reinvented what it is I want to do and how I can accomplish it…
  • I really appreciated Michael’s lecture at Harvard iLabs on Disruptive Business Models. Over the last couple of years, this is a lecture I keep coming back to.
  • “I’ve gotten tremendous value and inspiration from the Startup Secrets series on Harvard iLab’s YouTube channel. Most lectures I’ve watched more than once. I feel like I’m downloading an information repository into my brain every time I watch one of the lectures.”

  • Very cool site and platform! As for feedback, I would suggest breaking up the videos into shorter segmented chapters. Short lectures backed up by a take action plan or execution plan creation. Most Entrepreneurs love to learn but want to skip to the good parts first. Solve the why first then show them step by step on how to fix the why. If you guys ever need any help with this I’d love to get involved.
    I am currently working on a resouce site similiar to and I think it would be a great resource for this site and your members.

    Again, anything I can do to help!

    • mjskok

      Thank you @Speedbag0214:disqus
      Great input thank you! We really agree that the key in the future is to break up the long form content that was originally created from workshops and lectures into more digestible chunks. If you’d be willing to share further thoughts on the “take action plan” and thoughts there, please email cc Tanner did a lot of the hard work here so I’d sure he’d be interested to hear both about your offer to help and your site and how to complement it. Much appreciated!

      • Will do, I will send him an email right now to introduce myself.
        I am big fan of giving away the secrets for free because I know that maybe only 2% of those who have the info will go out an execute on it. It sucks that it is the statistic but it is what it is which is why I created my business model the way I did. Again, great stuff here!

      • Felix M Flores

        I think it’s a perfectly digestible chunk, the size of a movie, if you like the movie you’ll get through it non stop. But… it would be nice to have some tags, so you can comeback later on a topic or thought, kind of chronotags… please do not edit or cut anything. I’m grateful to find so clear info. Great Job.
        From Argentina!

  • Ekemini Etuk

    The color used for links on the site makes the text behind those links difficult to read. Perhaps, a more readable color can be introduced.

    • mjskok

      Thank you @ejetuk:disqus – I have to agree! Have shared with our team

      • Ekemini Etuk

        You are welcome @mjskok:disqus . I’m glad to see that changes have been made. Thank you so much for sharing the insights found here on Startup Secrets. They’ve really been invaluable.

  • Johnny Velasquez

    Hi. Do you conduct group workshops? I would be interested in talking about a possible opportunity for entrepreneurial training. Regards, Johnny

    • mjskok

      Johnny, thanks for your interest, yes we do a number of workshops. Please reach out to for details and to share what you’re looking for.

  • Erik van den Wijngaard

    Hi all. I recently came across the Harvard iLab series on youtube and found the clear guidance of the many aspects of starting a business very helpful.

    One topic I missed and which I am personally struggling with is the financial part,
    specifically how much money do I need to get started, sustain and grow. What
    are the ballpark figures to calculate with for office space, furniture, employees,
    patent registration, equipment, and all the items I most likely am missing?

    Most difficulty I have with founder and employee salaries. What is the approach here? Minimum wages with stock options or market conform salaries? And how to divide the stock options? Until which employee do you hand out stock option and where do ‘regular salaried’ jobs start? And what about my own ‘salary’?

    To give you some background. I’m a 46 self-employed consultant living in the Netherlands. I have a mortgage, wife and 3 kids and we are all accustomed to a 100k+ lifestyle. The time I’m currently able to spend on my startup ideas are limited as I’m living from billable hours.

    Although I am currently working on a plan to bootstrap my company I would like to know if it would be feasible to have a startup funded and still maintain an acceptable level if income? Or are there better ways for ‘older’ sole entrepreneurs to start there first venture?

    Thanks for sharing your experience and insights

    • mjskok

      Erik, the financial aspects you talk of are significant and would be specific to your individual project, which would require a lot more understanding. I would recommend you find a local startup mentor who has the experience to work through these with you and help you both tease out the learnings for you and also share their experience. In regard to your last question there are no “better” ways to start your first venture, only the right ways for YOU. But with a family to support I’m glad you are thinking this through thoroughly. Wishing you every success with it.

  • Roman Plekan

    @mjskok Hey, Michael!
    Thank you for the great work you have done structurising knowledge.
    You probably know laready, but your life was / is / will be very important,
    not only because of Semantec, but thanks to the ideas you’re spreading, good, that you’re doing.
    I hope I will get a chance to pay the world back for having people like you doing things you do.
    Thank you again

    • mjskok

      Thank you Roman for the feedback – our Statup Secrets team appreciates it!

  • sudhakar kaushik


    Wonderful lectures. I call them lectures in a good way.
    You talked about multifaceted value propositions being challenging. We are working on a product that could at once be positioned for a B2B as well as a B to C. is there any insight as to what is the best way to influence the early stage growth …start with just a B to B or B to C or demonstrate that we can do both? This is a family type product that could absolutely be started at the B to C level (easy to find eary adopters) but we are very tempted by the fact that if we did a B2B play and if we are able to demonstrate the huge advantages there, it could help us break into the huge lock that the larger incumbent competitor companies have in that space. Thanks much, Sudhakar

    • mjskok

      I’d need to understand the specifics of your value proposition to really be able to answer the question. Yet it may help to ask yourself questions like the following as a way to prioritize…

      – who has the greatest pain, the B Business or the C consumer that you’re addressing?
      – what is the logical order to address the market, is it Business or Consumer first?
      – which of these two, Business or Consumer is going to be easier to build your product / solution for
      – (to your point about competition) which of these has less competition, or is more susceptible to a new entrant such as yourself?

      The point being if you can pick one market / segment / focal point to go after it is going to make it a lot easier for you to get your business started and build on success.

      Wishing you well with your next steps and thanking you for your feedback!

  • Andrew Casey

    Dear Mike,

    I’ve used Startup Secrets with great efficacy up until this point. It’s been a most valuable educational experience and I am supremely grateful for the incredible wealth of information. Now I am at the stage of term sheet generation and looking for advice. Can you point me in the direction of materials and resources that can help me?

    Thank you sir!

    Andrew Casey


  • Shoaib Shafquat

    Keep up the good work Mike – you are awesome!!!
    I like your style how you engage other experts in your discussions / lectures.
    You have done this amazing thing to help startups. Thank you