What’s Your Roadmap to Success?

“Even the journey of a thousand miles starts with one step…”

Where do you start and what should you expect?

The Lao-tzu quote above is easy to relate to. But sometimes figuring out that first step is the hardest thing for would be entrepreneurs looking to start their business. That’s why I’m delighted to be working with Paula Long to share the story of EqualLogic as a case study for how to develop your startup Roadmap. Paula is a multi time founder who has experienced the ups and downs of starting and building a business. And while EqualLogic was a $bn+ success, it was far from a linear path. What can we learn from Paula’s journey and what framework we draw out from this to think about how you might plan your path to building a successful venture? These are important issues that are a good set for up a number of the Startup Secrets workshops and frameworks that we point to from within the slides below, so enjoy this as a jumping off point.



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  • Victor Arthur Pidkowich

    Wonderful Information!

  • Sandor Ferreira

    amazing material! Really helpful

  • Thank you for helping entrepreneurs create their own Roadmap to succcess.

    Bitly Link in presenation no longer works:

    Major Lessons I have learned

    • You are heading in right direction if you are Decreasing Risk And Increasing Values
    • Check your “Value Proposition” is NOT an hallucination – get a purchase order
    • Which problem you are uniquely qualified to solve?
    • Idea (Should be your Value Proposition and Your Vision – Customer gives feedback but not VP and Vision)
    • Confirmation – What is the key differentiator?
    o Is it a same product – and difference is UI, Pricing and or Support
    o Do you offer special feature (really big pain that is not being addressed)?
     Can competition easily add that feature ?
     Is there a market where current competition is not focusing or not serving well ?

    • Creation
    • Validation — Pivot or Stop
    • Repeatability —
    o Figure out if it’s a scalable ?
     Is technology scalable?
     Is it designed for world wide users?
     Can we deliver in cost effective method ?
     Can we market it in cost effective method ?
     Do we have right people on the team?
    • Scalability
    • Profitably

    Things I will do (now that I have watched the video again (I missed it last time)):

     Build “pitch deck” (although I don’t need it right now)
    o Write a “Story” of your customer, what kind of pains they have and how much time & money they spend dealing with these pains and how your product will SOLVE these problems and save money. Here are few things to include
     Team
     Value Proposition (pains & gains)
     Market Opportunity
     Go To Market Plan
     Business Model
     Financials

    • Neil Beekie

      Thank you for summarizing Deepak.

  • Great presentation focusing on the different aspects foe a startup, but I think the concept of MVP is missing, read this blog to know more: https://www.alphalogicinc.com/mvp-unfolding-the-roadmap-to-success-for-your-startup/