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Startup Secrets is a collection of workshops designed to help entrepreneurs and innovators to think through the key steps that could accelerate the success of their current or future businesses. There are 11 units in total, each containing an overview, 1-2 hour video workshop, case studies to illustrate real-life application of the workshop's concepts, and related articles to dive more deeply into key concepts.

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"This series reached me all the way in Sweden... The different frameworks helped me focus and extract more value out of my ideas. It's truly an unfair advantage..."
Sonja NasehiSweden
"This is a winning format! Two years ago I began my entrepreneurial journey. It might have started sooner had there been amazing resources like this back at my university..."
Vince GreenCanada
"The body of my business would have no bones without Startup Secrets. Now we look forward to growing some muscle. Thank you!"
Andrew CaseyUnited States

Sample Startup Secrets workshops to address your needs and accelerate your success.

Turning products into companies.

You’ve developed a great product, but how do you build a successful company around that product? Regardless of the product innovation, it can take several years to build a company. Markets change! In addition to investing in R&D, you need to prove market acceptance – then repeat and scale through sales and marketing. This workshop offers a framework designed to help founders and entrepreneurs bridge the product-company gap.

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Building a compelling value proposition.

Many entrepreneurs lose out due to never truly articulating a compelling value proposition. Establishing a substantive value proposition is critical if you want to start the journey from your “idea” to building a successful company. In this lesson of Startup Secrets, Building a Competitive Value Proposition, we lay out one of the first stages of creating a new venture: defining, evaluating, and building a compelling value proposition.

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Startup Secrets is a nonprofit dedicated to empowering both first-time and experienced entrepreneurs through a series of knowledge frameworks and an active community of peers who work together to inform, motivate, empower, and embolden one another throughout their entrepreneurial journeys.

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