07. Go to Market

  • Unidesk – Guerilla Marketing

    “Guerilla” style marketing, highlighted by Tom Rose, VP Marketing of Unidesk, and featuring the founder Chris Midgley.

  • Unidesk – Distribution Channels

    One of the key multipliers in a GTM strategy – distribution channels – brought to life by Brian McDonough of…

  • Demandware – Rebranding

    Demandware’s SVP of Marketing Jamus Driscoll shares the process of rebranding the company after its IPO.

  • Apperian

    When outbound makes sense vs inbound marketing…

  • SplashScore

    Lyle Stevens, Founder & CEO of Splashcore, discuses how his team picked target segments and challenges encountered along the way.

  • PatientPing

    Jay Desai, Founder and CEO of PatientPing, describes their value proposition and how they are targeting their market.

  • Brightcove

    Personas in Practice at Brightcove with Jeff Whatcott.

  • Hubspot

    The Marketing industry is evolving – based on a radical transition of how humans live, shop and learn.

  • Demandware – Defining Minimum Viable Segment (MVS)

    In this part of Go To Market, we discuss the importance of Segmentation and Targeting to accelerate your customer traction.