New and Improved Startup Secrets

For seven years now, Michael Skok has been presenting the Startup Secrets series at Harvard Innovation Lab. This website, which began in 2015, has served as a hub for all of the amazing resources, including case studies, related articles, lectures, and more, that Startup Secrets has put together over the years.

If you’ve loved our website so far, get ready for the new Startup Secrets!

Over the next coming months, Startup Secrets will be getting a full makeover. Not only will our design change, but we’ll be adding new features, new content, and new ways to learn about entrepreneurship.

Features will include user log-ins, complete with the ability to take notes, highlight, make comments on material, and participate in general forums. We’ll be adding features that allow you to become a Startup Secrets Certified Mentor or an individual donor, as well as continuing to support the entrepreneurial community that we love so much!

Additionally, we’ll be adding new content, including worksheets and articles, alongside our new blog and newsletter that will reach out each week to provide you with curated news from around the business web, as well as our own updates.

Please be patient with us as we undergo this change, and get excited with us as we bring to you a new and improved Startup Secrets model.

Check back frequently for new updates, and be sure to sign up for our mailing list below.