Funding Strategies to Go the Distance

Raising Money from Seed to Exit

The topic of funding is one that everyone wants to know about, but is openly discussed by few. Ironically, the more it is talked about, the more educated entrepreneurs will be, enabling them to make the right decisions as they seek funding for their startup.

The following presentation reviews the different considerations entrepreneurs need to make when evaluating funding needs. You will also find Startup Secrets related to:

  • The best time to raise capital
  • What investors really look for in a startup before they provide capital
  • Valuation…and the ability to truly evaluate
  • The most important capital you will raise

There are a lot of factors to consider when funding your startup, from determining the funding partner, the investment amount, timing, and terms, to name a few. With the funding landscape changing every day, this resource is designed to educate and foster broader conversation on the topic.

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Case Studies