Go to Market Strategies

An overall strategic and tactical framework for your GTM strategy

Part 4 of the Startup Secrets series covers the fundamentals of building a Go-To-Market (GTM) strategy for your startup business.


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It is absolutely critical for this lecture to be reviewed in conjunction with your business model. For example, it’s critical to work through the ultimate Customer Acquisition and Retention Cost (CARC) and Life Cycle Value (LCV) to figure out if you’ve really built a strategy for going to market that is consistent and profitable as part of your business model.

In the second part of this session, you’ll learn the tactical components for a great GTM plan. In particular, we’ll cover the critical elements of a marketing and sales cycle. Learn the basics of inbound marketing, outbound marketing, sales funnel design and optimization, and lastly, the importance of customer engagement and validation. Included in the session are case examples from two companies that detail how they have built their tactical go-to-market plans: Hubspot and Unidesk.

Case Studies

Unidesk – Guerilla Marketing

Unidesk – Distribution Channels

Demandware – Rebranding






Demandware – Defining Minimum Viable Segment (MVS)