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Mastering Mutual Mentorship

Harvard Innovation Lab

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Mentorship is a seemingly simple concept: get some help from someone more experienced than you.

So, why do we bother teaching a class on it? Because, like anything else, it’s a skill to mentor and to be mentored. And, if we can learn that skill, it can be a real gift to both give and receive.

But first, you’ve got to know what you’re looking for. Is it a handout, or real help? Do you want answers, or are you really looking to learn? For those looking to learn and build, not just knowledge but skills for self sufficiency and mastery, mentoring can be a mutually rewarding gift.

Think of the process of being mentored as a game of chess. You can easily ask for the next move, but wouldn’t you rather learn how to master the game?

See the presentation below to learn three skills to get you going!

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