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This series is designed as a consistent set of frameworks and case studies for entrepreneurs and innovators to think through the key steps that could accelerate their success in starting a business. There are 11 units that cover some of the key areas of starting and building a business.

Each unit has…

Case Studies
Related Articles

The workshops cover all the key information about the unit. They generally include an overview, a 1-2 hour video, and the slides that go along with the video. The case studies illustrate the concepts applied in the real world. Finally, the related articles dive more deeply into key concepts from the unit.

Startup Secrets Course Units

The units have been arranged in the following order:

1. What’s Your Roadmap to Success?

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2. Building a Compelling Value Proposition

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3. Turning Products into Companies

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4. Culture, Vision, and Mission

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5. Hiring A+ Talent

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6. Game Changing Business Models

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7. Go To Market Strategies

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8. Getting Behind the Perfect Investor Pitch

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9. Funding Strategies to Go the Distance

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10. Have You Got What it Takes?

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11. Mastering Mutual Mentorship

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Why is there an order?

While you can jump into any unit at any time, there is a logic behind the order of the units presented above. The logic is that you may want an overview of the Roadmap to Success before you begin your entrepreneurial journey. But you probably don’t even have a company to start without an idea and how to turn it into a Compelling Value Proposition. Then, as you turn your Value Proposition into a product it can be incredibly helpful to think ahead on how to Turn Products into Companies. As you get going, defining your Culture, Mission, and Vision become critical to Hiring an A+ Team. Next, thinking about your Game-Changing Business Model and Go-To-Market Strategy and tactics become key to figuring out a business that can be differentiated and sustainable. And then, being able to put it all together in the Perfect Investor Pitch that you can use to raise money is usually vital and leads to needing to understand your Funding Strategy to Go the Distance.

Finally, the last workshops in the series are a chance to think about whether You’ve Got What it Takes to be an entrepreneur and how to get the Mentorship that is so often critical to a rewarding experience.

To give you a sense of what you can get out of the Startup Secrets workshops, perhaps take a look at the following video from one of our wrap-up sessions that provides a good summary of the types of topics and case studies covered in the sessions.


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