What’s Your Roadmap to Success?

“Even the journey of a thousand miles starts with one step…”

Where do you start and what should you expect?

The Lao Tzu quote above is easy to relate to. But sometimes figuring out that first step is the hardest thing for would-be entrepreneurs looking to start their business. Startup Secrets here presents along with Paula Long to share the story of EqualLogic as a case study for how to develop your startup roadmap. Paula is a multi-time founder who has experienced the ups and downs of starting and building a business. And while EqualLogic was a billion-dollar business, it was far from a linear path. What can we learn from Paula’s journey, and what framework can we draw from this to think about how you might plan your path to building a successful venture? These are important issues that are a good setup for a number of the Startup Secrets workshops and frameworks to which we point from within the slides below, so enjoy this as a jumping off point!


If you’d like to listen to these with just audio, use the player below.