Turning Products into Companies

You’ve developed a great product, but how do you build a successful company around that product? Regardless of the product innovation, it can take several years to build a company. Markets change! In addition to investing in R&D, you need to prove market acceptance—then repeat and scale through sales and marketing.

This presentation offers a framework designed to help founders and entrepreneurs bridge the product-company gap, and includes the best practices for:

  • Developing foundations
  • Designing to fit
  • Architecting to attract


If you’d like to listen to these with just audio, use the player below.

*Also please take a look at the related presentation (below) on Creating Your MVP, by Abby Fichtner, Hacker in Residence at Harvard Innovation Lab.


Case Studies

Demandware – Defining Minimum Viable Segment (MVS)


Actuality Systems